WHW day 1

Well we’ve just dropped the girls off in Milngavie to start the West Highland Way. Meanwhile me and the fluff balls are at Mugdock country park having a cuppa on a serious slant! The plan is to meet the girls again at Drymen where the path crosses a road next to a car park. Well I say road but [...]

Trier – first venture into town

It was a weird feeling this morning, one of those where you arrive on holiday in the dark and haven’t really got a sense for where you are. So when you leave home, you are not really sure whether to turn left or right We took the gauge from everyone else, and took our bikes, girls in trailer, and [...]

Trier – venture 2 into town

Girls safely tucked up resting, plan now was to nip to supermarket, and the into town. A quick look at the map on the information shed, gave us our bearings, and this happened…. This was the funniest thing I have ever seen, maybe you had to be there or maybe it’s just as you were not expecting it, [...]

Night 3 – Trier

5 countries in 1 day… Started in Uk, through tunnel to France, left turn, Belgium,(who’d have thought it was so big), detour through Luxembourg (yip, just to get another country in) and into Germany

Guten Abend

Well that was a long few days. Left home about 8 on Friday night. Git thrown off the A1 and sent to the coast so ended up stopping at Wetherby services at 2 for a poor few hours. Back on the drive and finished near the tunnel for a planned stop. All very civilized. Today was a case of getting on [...]


Seeing as we had decided not to visit London after all, and we had decided to move on from Carsington we spent some time seeing what we could book on the way up the road. Much to everyone’s surprise we managed to get a night at Rowntree Park in York. Surprise as it is almost impossible to get into, [...]

Don’t, don’t you want me?

Back to Tatton Park tonight for a “picnic concert”. No idea what to expect so it was a total surprise once we were in. Miles of people sitting at tables with all sorts of goodies on them. And some of these guys really went to town! These were no picnics but banquets! We found a spot further [...]


The reason for the need to get as far south as possible last night was this morning’s early start at Tatton Park. And the reason? A session on a Segway. For those that don’t know what a Segway is it’s a two wheeled powered transport type thing where you control the movement of it with your weight. [...]

Loch Eribol

It’s 9.40pm and I’ve been sat here for almost 3 hours now. Where is here? Here. We had dinner earlier but decided to move on a bit and see if we could find somewhere else to stop. And then found a hole in the ground next to the road that was fairly big and fairly flat. It was a little windy but [...]

Barry Mill NTS

Chanced upon this today when we were driving through Carnoustie. Weather was gorgeous, girls had already had a run on the beach, so we had a nosey down here. Got to love NTS and Historic Scotland Memberships, it gives you the chance to visit things that you would normally reserve for [...]
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