5-on-tour start their Olympic campaign

A long enough drive yesterday, so today’s was much shorter. Well the first part anyway. Time for someone else to do the driving so a quick trip to the Park and Ride meant we didn’t have to worry about getting parked at Old Trafford itself. There had been some debate over what game it would be. It looked for a while like it might be Team GB. But no. Instead it was Japan v Egypt, which I had expected to be quite entertaining.


We spent a while outside taking in some of the atmosphere before heading in. We were all a bit confused to go in and be sent down towards the pitch. Turns out we were three rows from the pitch! You can see every blade of grass from there.


A pretty good game, including a sending off and three goals. Can’t argue too much with that.

Before the game started, when the stadium was half full the big screens showed the mens fours winning gold in the rowing. just the last 50 metres or so. But the place erupted.

With the first instalment of the games done for us it was off to our overnight stop. Lovely site just at Blenheim Palace. No doubt be back here. Early start tomorrow for another drive before taking an Olympics break – just for the day though.

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