A different world

So it’s the morning and our friend who would be “Back later” …..well he hasn’t been round. There’s a little workshop next to the spot we were parked in. Had a word with the guys in there to be told the boss has “gone to town” (town? Really??). SO quick phone to another number we had for the site and a woman who turns out to be his wife answers. Not sure where she was but there was a good few voices in the background. Anyway she tells me the door to the house is open and just drop off the money in the hall. I was a bit apprehensive to be honest but I went across the house and headed for where I thought the front door was likely to be.

Now when she said the front door was open I thought she meant unlocked. Nope. Actually open, as in wide open. And not into a porch area or anything like that. But into the hall. And you could see from there right in to the living room. Where the 3 sheepdogs were lying having a rest. Slowly I stepped through the door expecting the dogs to go berserk (like mine would) but not a whimper. Just walked into the table in the hall, dropped the cash and left.

How many places in the world could you see that happening??

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