Another day…

And guess what? Another ferry. That’s right. Ferry number 7 on this race around the islands. Today is Berneray to Leverburgh. So that’s North Uist to Harris in terms of islands.

A fairly short hop. Well an hour which after the ferry from Oban to Barra seems a short hop! My guess is the straight line distance is about half what we actually travelled. Looked like we were on a slalom course!


The slalom course behind us

A beautiful day for the crossing though.

On landin we started the usual head off the ferry and see where the road takes us. It took us first of all to a small viallage I forget the name of now. With the strangest Co-op I ever saw. I’m not sure it was CO-op as in the usual one but almost co-op as in the proper term. Fascinating shop though. Sold everything you could want.

A short blast up the road and I pulled over to take a pic of a beach I’d just seen – yes more beach pics. So I open the back door to see this staring at me.

Get off my land

This here is my grass. Find your own

The more main road of the 2 on the island heads up the west close to the shore so there’s ample chance to have a nosey. But our site for the night was down the other road a little. The Golden Road.

The Golden Road

A small part of the Golden Road

We only needed to go down a small portion of this before the site. Not a site I’d like to pull a caravan into anyway. Steep in after a nasty turn off the road, a little tight and quite steep inside the site.

View in to the site

The way in. Its a whole lot steeper than it looks

But the facilities were nice enough for the night. Only 5 or so vans. Some nice walking out across the road too. Which seems wrong when the coast is so close the other way!

A good walk and a little climbing, with the dogs totally in their element, before dinner was a good way to end the day.

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