Arran – day 2

An earlyish start to get packed up and back to Brodick to see the guys at Arran Adventure Company for a morning of sea kayaking. The trip took us around the bay from Brodick to Corrie. The girls kept saying they could see jellyfish but it took me an eternity to see any. But, apart from the ferry coming in, I did see something else. The head of a seal not 30 metres away, poking up to have a look at the nutters in the boats.

The weather seemed better on the water than it was back on land. Another belter. Sea was flat, bar the wake off of some boats. After warming up it was nice easy going. I’m still loving the water it seems.

Once back on dry land a spot of lunch and then off for a drive. We decided to head round the south edge of the island to get across to our next stop. Nice drive. Not what you would call relaxing though!! Certainly not some of the roads. One of the villages had some sort of sea fest on. So the already narrow roads were strewn with parked cars.

Safely arrived at the next stop. Bridgend camp site. We always seem to land at something a bit unusual. This is one big field, with a BIG slope, but some hollowed out flat spots. But the unusual thing was they had a few tents for people who had travelled for someone’s birthday party in the village hall. I’ve never seen a woman emerge from a one person tent immaculately made up and in a little black dress before! Impressive.

Next time we are here hopefully we will get a little more bike time. There was a big forest road right behind us heading to nowhere.

Probably looked like a laundry too – clothes and shoes hanging from the awning.

Dinner and bed – onwards and westwards tomorrow.

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