Arran to Kintyre

In Scotland we have a word for days like today – dreich! We’d been lucky up until now but the weather took a turn for the worse as we set off. Actually it took a turn for the worse last night as the wind picked up and we ran outside to get the awning in!

We drove across the middle of Arran and stopped off for a walk with the dogs – who of course found water to jump in.

By the time we got to Lochranza (which we must stop in next time) the wind was pretty strong, the water was very choppy and we couldn’t see land on the other side. The “ferry terminal” could have been mistaken for a small bus park. After having a look inside there was no check in so we sat and waited, watching the sign that said “Delays due to the adverse weather conditions”. Adverse was a mild way of putting it.

If you ever have to sit and wait here thought there is a great sandwich shop just across the road. Venison and red chutney baguette for me thank you very much 🙂


Dad, when can we get out?


If the crossing was rough, and it was, the landing was rougher. We hadn’t actually landed on the slipway when I was being waved off in a hurry – into the water.

If you get off the ferry and go right you’ve probably gone the wrong way! But there aer some great spots to park up in – if the fishermen with their near permanent encampments don’t beat you there!

The road down to the site at Carradale Bay was….interesting. Mainly… no make that ALL, single track with passing places. Tight in spots and much like a rollercoaster. And given the weather, not a lot of fun. Not that I think you would see much mainly for the trees anyway.

Bit of a walk along the beach at the Bay and that is about us for today. Some much needed sleep and hopefully in the morning the weather will improve.

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