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Arran – day 1

Off to get some use out of our National Trust for Scotland memberships by taking in Brodick Castle. Spent most the morning running the dogs round the grounds before heading into the gardens for a look round. Should be some pictures in the gallery later. Lovely part of the world, especially when the sun was shining.

A quick trip round the inside of the house later and time to find our site for the night. in Lamlash, a few miles south of Brodick itself. Beer and BBQ in the sun. Early night – tomorrow is an earlyish start.

Into the jaws of the beast

After driving down late on last night we were lucky enough to find a big hole in the ground of a car park next to the terminal at Ardrossan where the chap allowed us to stay over (at under the expected rate 🙂 – not that it was at all expensive). Not a lot of sleep though. It isn’t quiet when it sounds like all the ferry’s engines are running all night!

The picture shows the view that greeted us when we got into the ferry queue, after picking up a big fat book of tickets for the next fortnight. Just looked like we were going to get swallowed up!

Considering it was the first time I’d driven onto a ferry, and then add to that it was the ‘home I was now driving on, it was ginger progress. Even though the CalMac guys were waving to keep moving.

Now just time to sit back up here and enjoy the view as the 5 of us make the journey across to Arran. It’s a beautiful morning for it though. Pics of the view to follow.