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Lego Land Bricks

Bricks rather than rocks, Not funny if you have to explain it?!

I’ve always wanted to go to Legoland, ever since I was a kid, so actually getting to go, could have went one of 2 ways, either shattered childhood dreams or been brilliant. Thankfully it was brilliant. We all got way too excited firstly driving past the hotel and then seeing all the wee legomen on the way up the drive.

It was school holidays so as you can imagine it was hoaching, but what was good was all the little darlings were wanting to go on the rides, and we were looking round everything made out of Lego. The rides being pretty lame if you are over 7 or 8. Certainly if you are used to Alton Towers etc.

I have so many fantastic pictures I can’t possibly put them all up, but here are some of the cool ones…



We ran out of time, so would go back to see the bits we missed, especially with our Merlin pass so it doesn’t cost us anymore for the year.