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Thorpe Park :D

Yesterday we went to Thorpe Park! It was awesome! I went on loads of rides! I went on the detonator, a huge tower which you get lifted up in and dropped, i went by myself because Mrs A doesn’t like heights and Mr A doesn’t like wind in his face! I also went on 3/4 water rides which were good, i [...]


Yesterday we went to Longleat, the UK’s number 1 safari park! It was AMAZING!?! I got to… – hold a snake! – feed lorikeets! – walk with lemurs! – go on a safari bus! – go past Postman Pat Village! I was a little bit scared going to hold the snake but when i finally got to the feont of the queue, i [...]


This weekend we were away in Ayr. The campsite (which I would recommend) was next to Culzean Castle. On the Friday we had a long walk down the huge driveway to the visitor centre but unfortunately it started raining! Luckily on Saturday it was a nice day and we got a good look around the castle [...]

The windfarm tour

Last weekend we went to a windfarm. Mrs A organised it on open doors ,a website, which opens up factorys, castles and things like that that are usually closed to the public. Mr A and I aren’t fond of wind turbines, i mainly don’t like them because they ruin the landscape. So as you may have guessed [...]

The olympics!!!:)

Hi!!!:) we’re in London!!!:) the olympics are AMAZING!!!:) The staff are kind and happy, AND it’s been great weather. I’ve had 2 showers today(one of them being freezing cold)!!! A couple of days ago we went to ExCel and got lost going there AND coming back!!! Bye 🙂


Hiya, we are next to Dublin in Southern Ireland! Luckily, we have wi-fi here which is good because then i can blog to you about random stuff that happened! Today, we went on a tour of Dublin(mainly the high street and the guiness storehouse!) which was brilliant thanks to our fabulous bus [...]
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