Avoiding the fate of the SS Politician

Well safe across the water and landed in Eriskay, famous for the story of Whisky Galore. The weather was a whole lot better though and the crossing made safely inside the 30 minutes.

You get a good look up toward the more northerly part of Barra as you start the crossing. I’ll be back for sure. It looks like up near the airport you can walk from a beach facing east to one facing west in all of 2 minutes. I’m going to have to try that out one day. But it won’t be now. Our whistlestop tour to have a quick scout for future hasn’t left any time for hanging about too much.

Actually driving on I was a bit worried. We seem to spend a lot of time at the front on ferries and today was no exception. But it is a worry when I’m already on the downhill slope before the ferry pulls away!


I do hope the handbrake holds. Or we'll need those lifejackets!

There was something a little different on the ferry though. You know your bins get emptied one day a week / fortnight or whatever. Ever wondered what the binmans diary looks like? Round here I think its a list of streets they have to visit.

Longest bin run

Longest bin run in the UK?

Feel sorry for this guy – his list is a list of Islands! Actually we saw a street sweeper going from Islay to Colonsay earlier but I think this boy has the harder deal. Well actually don’t feel too sorry for him because the scenery is enough to make up for it.


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