Back to plan

So after a bit of a change of plan the last 2 days its back on track. This morning we drove ou of the site and in a series of zigs and zags up a road above it and out toward Skye’s answer to the Giants Causeway. A bit more difficult to get to but probably a whole lot quieter.


It’s not what you would call the easiest “in” to see something!

Well it was quieter except for the local residents that is.

Skye residents

“What are those daft fools doing down there?”

Of course there’s always someone trying to sleep – not me for a change.

Keep the noise down

“Keep the noise down. What does a bird have to do to get some shut eye round here?”

But the rock itself is quite impressive. I’m sure its small compared to the Causeway but size isn’t everything …..apparently.
The causeway

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