The scenery on the way up here was been varied. And there’s certainly plenty to see by the roadside as well. ┬áBut anyway tonight’s stop is Shell Bay on Benbecula. There was another causeway on the way up here of course. The site is just a hole in the ground really, just on the edge of a place called Linaclate. From here you can see the leisure centre nearby so if the weather is rough go jump in the pool. The site looks like it maybe once housed static vans as there’s some concrete down with holes for drainage and the like.


ANyway the best part of this site is that in 5 minutes you can be on Shell Bay Beach. OK the beach is nothing that spectacular, well not be the standards we’ve seen so far but it has one thing by the bucketload.



Looks like the seal version of the Abbey Road album cover to me

And that was just a small number of them. The bay is enormous. There are rocks everywhere in the water and pretty much everywhere you looked there were seals basking. Never seen so many in all my life. Not that there were doing a lot of course. But then, I wasn’t doing a whole lot either – except taking pics of the lazy buggers!

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