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The windfarm tour

Last weekend we went to a windfarm. Mrs A organised it on open doors ,a website, which opens up factorys, castles and things like that that are usually closed to the public. Mr A and I aren’t fond of wind turbines, i mainly don’t like them because they ruin the landscape. So as you may have guessed this was for Mrs A, I don’t know why but she is fasinated by wind turbines!

20120907-045301 PM.jpg

Windswept and interesting

No, not me. Well I was one half of that anyway. A day trip today. And a somewhat bizarre one. Every year, in September, there’s something called “Doors Open Day“. The idea is that places and buildings that aren’t usually open to the public open for a couple of days to allow people in, and free of charge. The downside is you need to know when it’s going to happen, where and get booked early for some of them.
I’ve been to a couple of places before over the years, usually small local castles. But today was really one for Mrs A. Don’t ask me why but she is fascinated by these things.
Wind turbine
So when she found out that one of the venues was the Burnfoot Wind Farm on Glendevon Estate she was utterly beside herself.
Parking in “nearby” Tillicoultry” there was a bus journey up to it of about 35 minutes. The road isn’t really designed for buses. And that’s the bit before you turn on the farm road! After that it was quite an interesting journey in pas the reservoirs and threading between the hills. Sometimes the road was so steep that it felt like the moment on a plan when you leave the ground and are pointed straight at the heavens. Beautiful views though – well until you get to the wind farm of course (not a fan, can you tell??).
When we get there we find this at the top?
Tent at Burnfoot
Yup, a tent on a wind farm! And yes, it was windy. Lots of info, tea and cake, along with some of the guys that were involved in the building of the turbines and sticking them up there. And then we got a look inside one. Very interesting stuff much to my surprise. EDF, who run it now, had sent an engineer up to chat about the workings of them.
Inside a wind turbine
I still don’t like them but it’s quite fascinating the whole process from finding where to put one to getting it running.
Why don’t I like them? Well we actually saw this one being built a year or so ago when walking in this area. We struggled to the top of a hill and I was waiting to be rewarded with a lovely view. But I’m always disappointed when I see the view littered with these things. Each to their own I guess. What do you make of them? Leave a comment below.