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The olympics!!!:)

Hi!!!:) we’re in London!!!:) the olympics are AMAZING!!!:) The staff are kind and happy, AND it’s been great weather. I’ve had 2 showers today(one of them being freezing cold)!!! A couple of days ago we went to ExCel and got lost going there AND coming back!!!
Bye 🙂

Into the Olympic Park

It’s been a long time coming but today we finally made it to the Olympic Park. And wow! What a setting. Some of it seems to float over the roads of London. We had seen some of it from the outside yesterday but it has to be seen to be believed.

Olympic Park

I’m already into the park, over the main road and that’s the Velodrome

We started off by the Velodrome, looking down onto the containers the bikes and equipment are kept in. The Germans out looking after their bikes. The pedestrian pathway goes over a gap between the storage area and the Velodrome. So if you hung around long enough I’m sure you would see some of the guys going in.

Bikes at the Velodrome

Wonder if I could borrow one?

Spent some time in the BP cyclorama, which involved a 360 degree screen and rotating floor. And then the Acer exhibition with a rather cool show and some games after that.

Wandered past the entrance to the athletes village, and spotted the NBC broadcasting booth. And who was in there? Michael Phelps.

NBC Phelps

It’s OK Mike – the hair looks fine