Scottish Island Tour

More whiskey? Not quite

It’s a pretty dreich looking day today. To be fair there are a few of those in these parts. But we’ve never let it stop us before. It just changes plans a little. So the girls (yes the girls, not me) decided we would go to Talisker Distillery. Having been before (as far as reception as we were too [...]

Round and round and round it goes….

Onwards and round. Supposed to be stopping tonight at Staffin but we are thinking to pushing on a bit. The scenery is fantastic at the north end – well from previous visits it is everywhere here. It’s stunning for sure. And the road is, erm… interesting. It’s very changeable for sure. Passing the [...]

Back to plan

So after a bit of a change of plan the last 2 days its back on track. This morning we drove ou of the site and in a series of zigs and zags up a road above it and out toward Skye’s answer to the Giants Causeway. A bit more difficult to get to but probably a whole lot quieter. Well it was quieter [...]

Stepping foot back on Skye

We managed to make a call on the ferry and get ourselves booked into the site at Uig. Not hard to find from the pier for sure. Although you may be tempted to give up before you reach it as you think “This isn’t the right way.” It probably is. Quite a strange wee site but does the job nicely for a [...]

What a difference a night makes

The view last night was all wind and rain. but we woke up to this today. But disaster struck this morning. We were due to go on a boat trip this morning. Spent lots of time getting parked up nearby, getting ready and the like. And turned up to be told we weren’t on the list despite the fact we had [...]

Stornoway…on a Sunday

I’ll just give you one word to finish the title description. SHUT! I knew that would be the case but I didn’t really think how completely shut it would be. Everything. Even the first Tesco I’d seen since Oban! So time to park up and go for a walk. This time around the Lews Castle gardens. Which is [...]

Another day…

And guess what? Another ferry. That’s right. Ferry number 7 on this race around the islands. Today is Berneray to Leverburgh. So that’s North Uist to Harris in terms of islands. A fairly short hop. Well an hour which after the ferry from Oban to Barra seems a short hop! My guess is the straight [...]


The scenery on the way up here was been varied. And there’s certainly plenty to see by the roadside as well. ┬áBut anyway tonight’s stop is Shell Bay on Benbecula. There was another causeway on the way up here of course. The site is just a hole in the ground really, just on the edge of a place [...]

Onwards and northwards

Eriskay is not at all big and we are pretty quickly across it. The village at the top of the road looks like a lovely place and seems to be bustling with something going on. But our next stop has been picked out as South Uist. At least getting from one island to the next only involves a causeway [...]

Avoiding the fate of the SS Politician

Well safe across the water and landed in Eriskay, famous for the story of Whisky Galore. The weather was a whole lot better though and the crossing made safely inside the 30 minutes. You get a good look up toward the more northerly part of Barra as you start the crossing. I’ll be back for sure. It [...]
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