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WHW day 1

Well we’ve just dropped the girls off in Milngavie to start the West Highland Way. Meanwhile me and the fluff balls are at Mugdock country park having a cuppa on a serious slant! The plan is to meet the girls again at Drymen where the path crosses a road next to a car park. Well I say road but Google maps suggests it is very narrow, maybe with low trees and with the world’s smallest passing places! Going to head up early in case I need to find somewhere else to stop. Might take me all that time to reverse back down!

Trier – first venture into town

It was a weird feeling this morning, one of those where you arrive on holiday in the dark and haven’t really got a sense for where you are. So when you leave home, you are not really sure whether to turn left or right

We took the gauge from everyone else, and took our bikes, girls in trailer, and aimed back along the Mosel river to where we had come from in the van. This was our first venture into real Germany, and MissA quickly woosed being at the front and decided the middle position would be safer, with anyone less likely to speak to her!

Still like kids, we got our first few Dankes out of the way, got really confused with crossing the road (which way are the cars coming?), and working out whether bikes were allowed or not. Got them all tied up, including the trailer (no mean feat!) and the 5 of us started the walk following (centrum) signs..

Weather at best was overcast but still warm, everyone else in jeans and jackets, but me in shorts and strappy top. Unfortunately we didn’t get far, as after the initial sniffing, P although fast on 3 legs,was straining with her sore one again. Although we had buggy for back of bike,we hadn’t brought the walk attachment.

Change of plan, back to bikes, doggies in buggy and out further along Mosel aiming out of town on the other side, path went from really quite pleasant to very bumpy with trailer bouncing everywhere! Aamazing how many shops we could recognise. MacDonalds with McFit next door!, Burger King, Lidl, and the list goes on. We all forgot to set mile register, to see how far we did, but we turned back when bike path hit road, and chased a massive boat back along the river, home for lunch and a wee rest!!

Trier – venture 2 into town

Girls safely tucked up resting, plan now was to nip to supermarket, and the into town. A quick look at the map on the information shed, gave us our bearings, and this happened….

This was the funniest thing I have ever seen, maybe you had to be there or maybe it’s just as you were not expecting it, but I was actually rolling about the ground laughing…

Realised quickly that the shop I had thought was next to our local Macs (there are 3 in trier), was fictional, meant a change in plan, walk into town, towards anything we saw.. (Note of information for anyone else in Trier, take your bike, it’s uber bike friendly, quiet and organised with bike parking, we walked 7.5 miles this afternoon, and even in the cool heat, were tired when we got back home again)..

Trier I found out from the English guidebook I read from cover to cover later, has 92 churches,is the oldest town in Germany, was where the Roman emporers had their biggest thermal baths out of Rome, and although in the suburbs, is like a spooky video game where there are no people but the shop doors are open,by the time you find the centre, is hoaching!!

Even weirder snaps for shops in town, h&m, c&a.. We looked at the thermal baths, but didn’t go in as the time was getting on a bit, and you could pretty much see them from the outside, we walked down through the palace gardens, bought our first water(miss a on her own next time!), past the Cathedral and found Porta Negra, which MrA wanted to visit. Roman gate into the city, it gave really good view on city square, health and city isn’t the same as uk, but that could be just me, but if you step on a wooden board and the display sitting on it, moves towards you, that’s not good is it!

Headed back through town, with a stop in the dept store for coffee and cake, we had reliably been informed by our german tutor that food was reasonable and cheaper than town. Weirdest thing ever, was the lederhosen department, seriously?? 

Back into town to look for Roman bridge, which the Americans took in the war so quickly, it never actually got bombed! Realised we still needed to find food, so wee detour, and found supermarket, (and massive supercool bike shop, but didn’t go in), through the wine aisle,and randomly oohing and aaaing at lots of weird stuff, managed to find chicken and what we think is minced beef, time will tell! Through the sweetly aisle (qtr of the shop!), into beer (another qtr of shop), split shopping between the 3 of us and back home for tea 🙂 And to check on girls. P feeling a bit dopey and C sitting outside with her dad whilst tea was getting made.

Guten Abend

Well that was a long few days. Left home about 8 on Friday night. Git thrown off the A1 and sent to the coast so ended up stopping at Wetherby services at 2 for a poor few hours. Back on the drive and finished near the tunnel for a planned stop. All very civilized.

Today was a case of getting on the tin can that is the eurotunnel which was a whole new experience. Then a drive through France, Belgium and Luxembourg to land here. A large (130 pitch) stellplatz on the Mosel. Circus was on next door. Sounded good!

Passed some weird and wonderful things. The very cool looking Euro space centre in Belgium for instance. And I’m too tired to remember anything else. Hopefully someone else fills the blanks!


Seeing as we had decided not to visit London after all, and we had decided to move on from Carsington we spent some time seeing what we could book on the way up the road. Much to everyone’s surprise we managed to get a night at Rowntree Park in York. Surprise as it is almost impossible to get into, let alone at last minute.  But seeing as we were here we had a lot on.

First about the site – pretty well  laid out, big hard pitches and from what I can see most pitches are separated by a hedge, not a huge one but enough to stop people getting a bit too close. The facilities are on stilts, it’s been flooded round here a few times in recent memory. And if you want a riverside pitch…..well let’s just say it’s not by the river – check Google maps out.

So first stop – Micklegate Bar Museum. A fairly small museum in the Micklegate Bar oddly enough. Couple of floors of exhibits, quite a bit on the War of the Roses, and York history. A film on the changing style of armour was maybe a little long winded, but made up for by the armour lying around that you could put on. In fact everything was hands on, or heads in in the case of helmets. I’ve no idea how any knight ever fought though. That stuff is seriously heavy!!

A quick run around part of the town (including a number of parts I’d not seen in a number of previous visits) and it was our next stop – Barley Hall, which is a relatively new find in York terms. Another hands on museum, some of it about the people who had lived in it and then a chunk of Horrible HIstories type material. Best you have a look at the site for more info on that one.

The final planned stop was Jorvik DIG. We didn’t get as much time here as I think we may have liked but we had managed to get on the last tour of the day. And, as often seems to happen to us, we were the only 3. Our guide, Matt, was incredibly enthusiastic about his work, and you couldn’t help being carried away by it. So what’s on the tour? Well we started off with a little briefing about archeology generally, looking at aerial photos, and then some artifacts – well, junk as he called it, given that that’s exactly what most of this stuff was. Then, plastic trowel in hand, we wandered into 4 simulated digs. I was quite skeptical at first but as you dig away at tiny rubber pellets looking for clues and things it becomes quite interesting – no, it does. A lot of digging, finding and chatting before we finished the digs and moved on to bone guessing – what animal, what body part? It would be fair to say I sucked at this bit. But fun nonetheless. All too soon it was closing time though. I’ve seen people knock this on TripAdvisor because of a number of things – but I couldn’t agree less with them. I’m not into archeology at all, any exhibition we are at the “finds” of plates etc are what I always skip, but this was very interesting, and somewhat intriguing. Something very different and highly recommended.

Don’t, don’t you want me?

Back to Tatton Park tonight for a “picnic concert”. No idea what to expect so it was a total surprise once we were in. Miles of people sitting at tables with all sorts of goodies on them. And some of these guys really went to town! These were no picnics but banquets!

We found a spot further forward than we probably expected. First up Toyah who did about 6 songs, only half of which were her own.

Next up, Howard Jones. Great stuff, most of his I could remember. And then a short break before the main attraction.

White stage, white instruments and then and starting in black. The Human League. And they surprised me. They sounded as good as ever! And the crowd was great. Don’t you want me getting the crowd treatment before the band started. Electric Dreams to wrap up the night before some fireworks over the water.


Great setting, pretty good weather (it threatened a bit) and some great music. Good night all in all.



The reason for the need to get as far south as possible last night was this morning’s early start at Tatton Park. And the reason? A session on a Segway. For those that don’t know what a Segway is it’s a two wheeled powered transport type thing where you control the movement of it with your weight. And its remarkably easy to get the hang of to be honest. In no time we were in the forest zipping around through the trees.

And then there was….the incident! Not exactly sure what happened but me and Mrs A had a bit of a coming together resulting in me being jettisoned about 10 metres through the air and landing solidly on my back. In front of six of the people about to go out after us – after brushing myself off and getting back on I pointed out to them that I had just given them a very practical lesson! A bit tender, but still intact, we spent an hour or so at the park just sitting out in the scorching sun. Ridiculously hot!!!

Barry Mill NTS


Chanced upon this today when we were driving through Carnoustie. Weather was gorgeous, girls had already had a run on the beach, so we had a nosey down here. Got to love NTS and Historic Scotland Memberships, it gives you the chance to visit things that you would normally reserve for holidays!

This was brilliant, but so quiet it was a real shame for the guys working there. The miller actually put the mill on when we were there so you could see how it worked and the end product, amazing and really interesting to find out all about it from the miller who was very enthusiastic about it.

Had left the pups in the car so didn’t even get the chance to walk round the immaculate gardens, so Defo going back, soon!!


Glen Coe 007


Up at Glencoe today to see the 007 exhibition. Weather at home really pretty horrible, and leaving later than hoped, but on the travel west the weather improved. Scenery absolutely gorgeous.

Lots and lots of people over that direction, with the Caledonian Challenge, hundreds of walkers, tourists and ad hoc others. The actual 007 exhibition although nice was very small and pretty underwhelming compared to expectation. The rest of the centre was however worthy of the journey and the staff incredibly friendly and helpful.


Leaving the visitor centre we went down to Kinlochleven, definitely need to go back there with the van, loads of places to park up. Had a walk up the waterfall walk, not long but very very uneven and slidy as shown by Miss A landing flat out on the way back down.


Tried out and can recommend the chippy in town, yummy and just as well as we were starving!! Long journey home, all very tired, and wishing that if we had the van we would just have camped up! Home and sleepies though and thankfully a long lie opportunity on Sunday 🙂