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Shaolin Warriors

Booked this a while back and to be honest without too much research into what I was booking!

Spent the trip down to Glenrothes trying to guess both what the show would be about and what the likely clientele of such a show would be….

Forgot parking at Rothes Halls is a disaster, so one trip round the car park later meant that we were parked further away than hoped, late to seats, but just on time for start of show.

Show started slowly, and Tk be honest didn’t look like we would stay for the first half let alone the full show, lots of fake fighting and jumping around, bowing a lot at each other!

However, it did get better, and if you got beyond the surreality of it all, it was really good. Some really mental shows of strength, a two fingered handstand, yes that’s a handstand using only 2 fingers. Lots of breaking hard things on your head, and holding your body up over really sharp points.

This probably totally under sells the show, but yeah would recommend it!!!

Secret Location


Today MrA took me on a secret tour, so I didn’t know where I was going, although with the maps and notes he didn’t look like he knew where we were going either!!!!

The weather was roasting, the roads were not bad, across the forth road bridge, off at Ratho made macs a fair bet, but passed there and passed the climbing centre, and onto Jupiter Art.

Even going up the drive gives you a taste of what is going on, huge mounds of grass like outside Edinburgh Contemporary Art, and then a big horrible contemporary art monstrosity.


Trying to park in the one car park, which is a complete free for all in a field no bigger than most gardens wasn’t a good start, nobody was actually telling people where to park, so some were even 3 deep, and there was no overflow car park. Not a good start, made worse with no signs to tell you where to go. Really taking the secret to the extreme! Even when you get to the buildings, it’s unclear where the start is, it’s a quaint little court yard and all very nice looking, but grrr from the new visitor… I could go on, but won’t…

Packed off with our wee map, into the forest, the arty bits start straight away, with colours peeling off the back wall of the shop, weird. You then follow a path through the woods, to various weird and wonderful art creations in the wood. We were lucky as it was a lovely day, therefore a pleasant walk. The downside was that there were lots of other people doing the same thing, therefore it was a case of trying to get to the next piece after the people in front had just left and before the troop behind with kids in buggies would get there and start hanging off everything.

That said we were there around 3 hours, and it was really good, towards the end you tend to get a wee bit more space, so it’s not so bunched up, there is a lot to see, and I would imagine pending everyone’s own taste what everyone likes the most will vary.

Best bit, probably the grass mounds
Worst bit, that horrible orchid
Weirdest bit, the 10 interlinked gallows that we were all sitting on.

Definately worth the trip, try to avoid the arty couple in front, who are over analysing each blade of grass, and the brood of 10 kids, who probably wanted to go to the local play park, be there early to park, and it’ll be fine!!!

We left the starving and went down into Ratho and went to the pub on the water, food was really good, unfortunately there were no seats outside, but if there had been we probably wouldn’t have left! Home and sleepies 🙂

Titan Crane

See if you can spot the theme…

I booked this for us on groupon, look a cheap offer, it looks like fun, click buy, book forget about it.
Get closer to the time, panic, freak out, curl up in a bll, omg what have I booked us up for!!!


We arrived in Glasgow on one of the wettest windiest days imaginable, even still there were buds Bungy jumping off the end of the crane, thankfully not us though! A quick bus round the site dropped us at the crane site, for a chat on the history etc. then up an elevator, with glass panels (yippee, not) and out onto the top of the crane, with mesh to stand on, (even more yippee) well maybe if my legs had moved.

We all got thoroughly soaked, and just to make it worse the weather turned nice just as we were leaving!!


Overall, quite interesting, probably happy to have got it cheap, as the bungee jumpers and their families did spoil the experience. They walked in front of the video at the top of the crane and had taken over the visitor cafe, so no wouldn’t rush back, which is a shame.


Melrose 7s

Having just come back from hols, it was a really short week at work, before getting off again to Melrose for the 7s. Going down on the Friday, as expected it was busy, all the hospitality tents and stands were going up. Booked into site, we got the choice of 1 of 2 last pitches. The site staff were just as grumpy as always. Lovely site but the staff have to be one of the grumpiest staff I have ever seen on caravan club sites.

The morning of the rugby, was an early wake up to all the training happening on the pitches next to us, then an ambulance, never good.

Thaw-pe Park

Today’s outing wasn’t too far from the site. Thorpe Park. Not really my thing but the girls like theme parks. Extra thermals and full waterproofs were needed as it was perishing. In fact it even snowed for a chunk. That meant 3 of the rides were off but the place still seemed fairly busy to me. Except the water rides that was. No problem there. Hoods up and heads down. No getting wet here ;).
Pretty good day though. I only had to stand around waiting while the girls went on one ride. The rest I actually got on too –  a minor miracle!

Lego Land Bricks

Bricks rather than rocks, Not funny if you have to explain it?!

I’ve always wanted to go to Legoland, ever since I was a kid, so actually getting to go, could have went one of 2 ways, either shattered childhood dreams or been brilliant. Thankfully it was brilliant. We all got way too excited firstly driving past the hotel and then seeing all the wee legomen on the way up the drive.

It was school holidays so as you can imagine it was hoaching, but what was good was all the little darlings were wanting to go on the rides, and we were looking round everything made out of Lego. The rides being pretty lame if you are over 7 or 8. Certainly if you are used to Alton Towers etc.

I have so many fantastic pictures I can’t possibly put them all up, but here are some of the cool ones…



We ran out of time, so would go back to see the bits we missed, especially with our Merlin pass so it doesn’t cost us anymore for the year.

The olympics!!!:)

Hi!!!:) we’re in London!!!:) the olympics are AMAZING!!!:) The staff are kind and happy, AND it’s been great weather. I’ve had 2 showers today(one of them being freezing cold)!!! A couple of days ago we went to ExCel and got lost going there AND coming back!!!
Bye 🙂

Crosstown traffic

What a day. Slightly bizarre but pretty good. Todays event, the table tennis, was at the ExCel. About 5 miles away in a straight line. But the cycle lanes aren’t in a straight line. That’s right. We took our lives into our hands and biked across London. Half the Olympic cycle routes were closed so navigation was interesting. But we got there and back intact. Saw some interesting sites. Closed roads, parks in the centre of town, but my personal favourite, stone table tennis tables. In a park somewhere. Don’t ask me where though.

As for the table tennis. Great match. Germany v China in the men’s semi final. China won out in 4 matches but Germany never rolled over right to the end.

Hate to think how I’m going to feel tomorrow!

Guess where?

Let me give you a hint with a pic.


OK. Who said distillery? Nope. Despite the fact I found a cask of one of my favourite whiskies I’m nowhere near a distillery. I’ll give you another clue.


Well that should do it. No more pictures now though. There’s no problem taking pics inside the studio but I don’t want to spoil it for anyone. It has to be seen to be believed. A managed to kill the battery on my camera before we got anywhere near the end! If you can get down to Watford I can highly recommend it. So much detail, way beyond what you could possibly imagine. Including that barrel, tiny inscriptions on horcruxes and half a dozen versions of the same outfits in various stages of aging. It says it takes 3 hours or so. Well if you pick up the digital guide, and I suggest you do, you could easily be there a lot longer than that.

And then onwards to the home for our next few nights. Hard work to get to it but part of Lee Valley Park has been turned into a 320 pitch site for the Olympics. Not a bad looking space either. Flags everywhere needless to say.

Tomorrow? The Olympic trail is back on again.

5-on-tour start their Olympic campaign

A long enough drive yesterday, so today’s was much shorter. Well the first part anyway. Time for someone else to do the driving so a quick trip to the Park and Ride meant we didn’t have to worry about getting parked at Old Trafford itself. There had been some debate over what game it would be. It looked for a while like it might be Team GB. But no. Instead it was Japan v Egypt, which I had expected to be quite entertaining.


We spent a while outside taking in some of the atmosphere before heading in. We were all a bit confused to go in and be sent down towards the pitch. Turns out we were three rows from the pitch! You can see every blade of grass from there.


A pretty good game, including a sending off and three goals. Can’t argue too much with that.

Before the game started, when the stadium was half full the big screens showed the mens fours winning gold in the rowing. just the last 50 metres or so. But the place erupted.

With the first instalment of the games done for us it was off to our overnight stop. Lovely site just at Blenheim Palace. No doubt be back here. Early start tomorrow for another drive before taking an Olympics break – just for the day though.