Weekends away

Loch Eribol

It’s 9.40pm and I’ve been sat here for almost 3 hours now. Where is here? Here. We had dinner earlier but decided to move on a bit and see if we could find somewhere else to stop. And then found a hole in the ground next to the road that was fairly big and fairly flat. It was a little windy but [...]

Mountain bike downhill – Fort William

Roasting toasting and not typical scottish weather đŸ™‚ Finished work at 4 on Friday, walk along the Dundee waterfront, to meet Mr A and Miss A. Camping at Glen Nevis, Fort William, ETA around 8, and apart from a stinky stuck in traffic moment at Broxden where we lost 30 mins, journey was ok. If the [...]


This weekend we were away in Ayr. The campsite (which I would recommend) was next to Culzean Castle. On the Friday we had a long walk down the huge driveway to the visitor centre but unfortunately it started raining! Luckily on Saturday it was a nice day and we got a good look around the castle [...]


Well it’s misty again. And we’ve just driven up the length of the mainland and its causeways to get to Kirkwall. After stopping at a few spots to try and make a phone call (if you come here don’t expect great mobile coverage) we got a night at a site in Kirkwall. Took some finding mind you. But we [...]

Plans? What plans?

Well the idea of this trip was to travel around the north a bit. We had one or two paces we thought about going to but no firm plans. Which is just as well. Let me explain. After tackling Berriedale Braes (a bit of a serious drop down and climb back up – with gravel trap run off areas!!) we went to [...]

Dunrobin Castle

Onwards and upwards through Golspie and as we passed a sign for Dunrobin Castle decided to head in. Good call as it turns out. Even more so since the weather is suddenly scorching. First stop was the Castle itself. What can i say about it? It was a castle. Some interesting features and odd shaped [...]

Another morning

Well today we got a look at our surroundings. Small car park, close to the A9, next to the loch. Turns out it was a sea loch until a crossing was built with some very odd sluice gates. They stop the rising tide getting into it but let out water from the loch itself.

Where in the world??

Well we finally got packed and left at 8pm. But while everyone else was going Perth and left to T in the Park, we went right and north. Quiet quiet roads. Pretty good weather until 12 miles from Inverness when it became a bit of a pea souper as we would say. Was fine by the time we reached town [...]

Fine weather and Fyne Ales

Arrived yesterday mid afternoon at a little place called Cairndow, just off the edge of the tip of Loch Fyne (after having lost a wing mirror to another motorhome on the banks of Loch Lomond!). Why I hear you ask. This weekend is the third FyneFest and the biggest one so far. It’s basically Loch [...]

My first swim

Well seeing as we are at Loch Lomond  we brought the blow up canoes for their first try on the water. I wasn’t too keen being in with daddy so decided to jump across to the other boat. Bit of a mistake there. I didn’t know that water could be that deep! Thankfully i felt a hand grab my jacket and [...]
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