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Wish ‘ewe were here?

Leaving on a Sunday after lunch is always a mixed feeling for me. On one hand it signifies a few days off. On the other the disaster that is Sunday drivers! So I wasn’t expecting to make particularly good time on the first part of our journey up the A9 to Inverness. But despite some crawling traffic we still made good time (I’m sure my watch must’ve stopped).

Then a quick hop across the country and round some single track roads (coming head to head with a 4×4 pick up towing a speedboat on a bend) we found ourselves spat out at Poolewe on the west coast of Scotland. We were booked in at the Camping and Caravanning Club site up there as we intended spending a few nights. But there were plenty of wild camping spots for those that just want a shorter stop.

Highlights of the trip? Two spring to mind. Firstly the big stag that was bouncing around the field next to the road quite late in the day. And secondly the scenery. As it always is. It differs all the way up and perhaps not as you’d expect. Beyond the Cairngorms National Park is flattens out quite a lot. But a few miles out of Inverness and headed west and it picks up again.

Parts of the road we had been on before when we did our Highland Tour, but it in the Autumn it has a totally different quality about it. One I’ll be enjoying a lot more of for sure.

About a 4 and a half hour journey and we have landed though. Got to love the view from the site too. It’s supposed to have some great sunsets. Here’s hoping we see one.