Don’t, don’t you want me?

Back to Tatton Park tonight for a “picnic concert”. No idea what to expect so it was a total surprise once we were in. Miles of people sitting at tables with all sorts of goodies on them. And some of these guys really went to town! These were no picnics but banquets!

We found a spot further forward than we probably expected. First up Toyah who did about 6 songs, only half of which were her own.

Next up, Howard Jones. Great stuff, most of his I could remember. And then a short break before the main attraction.

White stage, white instruments and then and starting in black. The Human League. And they surprised me. They sounded as good as ever! And the crowd was great. Don’t you want me getting the crowd treatment before the band started. Electric Dreams to wrap up the night before some fireworks over the water.


Great setting, pretty good weather (it threatened a bit) and some great music. Good night all in all.


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