Dunrobin Castle

Onwards and upwards through Golspie and as we passed a sign for Dunrobin Castle decided to head in. Good call as it turns out. Even more so since the weather is suddenly scorching.

First stop was the Castle itself. What can i say about it? It was a castle. Some interesting features and odd shaped rooms inside including chunks that were redesigned. Which looks a little odd really. It looks far better from the outside. Mrs A described it as a Disney castle. Strangely i heard someone else use exactly the same term later.

Dunrobin - the Disney Castle

Dunrobin – the Disney Castle

The gardens, and views, were more impressive. But the best part for me was the falconry display.

I’ve been to a good few over the years but this was a bit special. Not only did the Harris hawk dart between everyone and glide just above our heads but the owl that was out brushed people’s faces with his wings.

Owl in flight

Reach out and take one home

And all three birds appeared to respond to their names. And it’s not like they were tied down and brought out. The owl was second up but had been sitting in a tree next to us the entire time. And then it was tied to one of the benches we were sitting on to watch the rest of the display and be crowd friendly. Very impressive.

Just resting in the sun

Just resting in the sun

Enough of my gushing about the birds here. Lunch then on we go.

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