Fine weather and Fyne Ales

Arrived yesterday mid afternoon at a little place called Cairndow, just off the edge of the tip of Loch Fyne (after having lost a wing mirror to another motorhome on the banks of Loch Lomond!). Why I hear you ask. This weekend is the third FyneFest and the biggest one so far. It’s basically Loch Fyne’s answer to OktoberFest. Organised by Fyne Ales, next to the brewery in one of the many fields next to it. Plenty of camping space, plenty of food and around 100 beers to be sampled. So it was rude not to try at least a few. The van is only a short walk from the beer tent so after spending some time listening to the live music we would often have a wander back to sit and catch some sun. A quick brewery tour was in order earlier this afternoon. A quick stop at the back door to point at a couple of large black water butts half way up the hill (the water source), some time in three rooms inside and all done. Interesting stuff though.

All in all good stuff, and the scenery is something else. I’ll post some pics to the gallery when I get back.

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