Guess where?

Let me give you a hint with a pic.


OK. Who said distillery? Nope. Despite the fact I found a cask of one of my favourite whiskies I’m nowhere near a distillery. I’ll give you another clue.


Well that should do it. No more pictures now though. There’s no problem taking pics inside the studio but I don’t want to spoil it for anyone. It has to be seen to be believed. A managed to kill the battery on my camera before we got anywhere near the end! If you can get down to Watford I can highly recommend it. So much detail, way beyond what you could possibly imagine. Including that barrel, tiny inscriptions on horcruxes and half a dozen versions of the same outfits in various stages of aging. It says it takes 3 hours or so. Well if you pick up the digital guide, and I suggest you do, you could easily be there a lot longer than that.

And then onwards to the home for our next few nights. Hard work to get to it but part of Lee Valley Park has been turned into a 320 pitch site for the Olympics. Not a bad looking space either. Flags everywhere needless to say.

Tomorrow? The Olympic trail is back on again.

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