Islay – day 1 am

So why did I call this place heaven? I’ll give you a little hint.



This is just the other side of Port Charlotte from where we are staying. So it would be rude not to drop in and say hello, right? So drop in we did. This had to be the most relaxed distillery tour I’ve ever been on. For a start none of that “no pictures inside” thing. And then instead of looking inside one of the bonded warehouses from just inside the door / behind an iron gate / from the outside, we could just wander freely inside it. I suspect that’s not hugely interesting normally. But this is no ordinary distillery. Looking round the shop these guys have done more variations than anyone else I know. But they also buy in other casks, and sell single casks for collectors, keeping them here to mature. So a wander round unearths whisky from all over the country, owned by people all over the world.


Into the Bruichladdich warehouse

The warehouse. The digger is digging out more space for another gin container

Then on to the tasting. Again not a case of “Here’s the 12 year old” or “We have three to try from”. Oh no! After picking up a drop of the 10 year old the conversation went like this.

Me: Nice drop the 10. Is there anything else to sample?
Tourguide: There sure is
Me: Ah what have you got.
Tourguide: What would you like?
Tourguide: If it’s in here you can try it.
Me: …. :-O

A tiny sample of the shelves contents. The room is enormous

So a few samples later we walked out having spent a small fortune in their shop. Not all on whisky I’d like to say.

Right onwards and …..well, onwards.

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