Kintyre to Heaven

That’s right, Heaven. More on that soon.

The journey out was quite eventful. more of the same 1 in 7 climbs on hairpin bends on single track roads. With the damp underneath. And one added bonus. Just a mile or so from the site the road was being resurfaced. So you guessed it – large lorries coming the other way. That, plus a fluffed gear change, meant we had an interesting wheel spinning moment on a rather nasty bend. But we got under way again on the main road up to Campbeltown. Never had a single carriageway looked so wide.

All in all I wasn’t taken with this part of the world. And its so far from home that I doubt we will return, but never say never. If we had wanted just to make the jump from the Claonaig ferry (where we landed yesterday) to Kennacraig it wouldn’t have taken long to go directly.

Kennacraig is under ……let’s say reconstruction. Its a big sized car park but pretty much in the middle of nowhere. There is at least a terminal building. As we were about to board we saw a large hand-pulled trailer being wheeled on full of luggage. Turns out it was the Islay Pipe Band on their way home from a Piping Championship in Belfast. That meant the ferry was a lot busier than usual I suspect.

The terminal at Port Askaig ( we had to land here as Port Ellen is also undergoing work – so they shut that one) looked non-existent as we drove out. Up a steady but steep hill, winding up but at least this was single carriageway. In fact the entire way here was single carriageway. And most the roads were pretty good.

So where is here?

Just outside Port Charlotte, which is in the photo above. The site is part of a community/leisure centre I’d guess you’d say. A large field for tents, a football pitch where some of the ground has been levelled and then between that and the water 6 or so hard standings with electric. Just looking out over Islay to see more of Islay. The weather was perfect, a trip down to the beach with the dogs in the water as usual and it was dinner time. Then sat watching the sun set across the bay as we sat outside.

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