Yesterday we went to Longleat, the UK’s number 1 safari park! It was AMAZING!?! I got to…

– hold a snake!
– feed lorikeets!
– walk with lemurs!
– go on a safari bus!
– go past Postman Pat Village!

I was a little bit scared going to hold the snake but when i finally got to the feont of the queue, i was really excited and all the weariness had gone away, it was awesome!!! Mrs A didn’t want to hold the snake because she was too scared and Mr A cant even look at the photo of me holding the snake that Mrs A took! He is really scared of snakes!

I had the chance to hold a tarantula but i don’t really like spiders so i said i would pass on that!

When i was feeding the lorikeets it was brilliant, it felt really weird at first but it got better as more came. I held a little pot of food in my hand and they flew off the branches to get the food. There were three little girls in front of me and they started squealing when the birds flew towards them which was funny for us because they looked so scared of some little birds! 😀

20130403-095155 PM.jpg

20130403-095334 PM.jpg

20130403-095355 PM.jpg

20130403-095406 PM.jpg

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