More *hiccup* Islay

Well it was on over the Island after our trip round Bruichladdich. ALong what looks like the straightest road ever built when you look at it on the map. And there’s no denying it’s straight. And that there’s no great climbs or drops. But what the map doesn’t tell you is how bloody bumpy it is!! Everything rattled, including my fillings!

But once you are over that it’s through Bowmore (wish we had stopped longer) and on to….well I’ll let the pic tell you.

It’s not my favourite malt by a long chalk but it still has operational malting floor which I hadn’t seen before. And I’m a “Friend” of the distillery too. Well I say operational, apparently the distillery was basically shut for a break. SO no barley on the floor. But it did mean chance to see inside the kiln, which would normally be a little warm to walk in!

The kiln at Laphroaig

The distillery sits in kind of like a little village of its own which we had a little walk around too. Strange place really.

Right, time to get back along the bumpy ride back. And maybe another glass of something lovely. Well it would be rude not to when you’ve been surrounded by it all day 🙂

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