Mountain bike downhill – Fort William

Roasting toasting and not typical scottish weather πŸ™‚

Finished work at 4 on Friday, walk along the Dundee waterfront, to meet Mr A and Miss A.

Camping at Glen Nevis, Fort William, ETA around 8, and apart from a stinky stuck in traffic moment at Broxden where we lost 30 mins, journey was ok. If the road from dalwhinnie to fort William could be a bit broader that would be even better. Scenery lovely but road seems to go on forever.

Arrived at one of the biggest campsites I have ever seen in my life, thankfully we were booked, so no fingers crossed and hope for a space. Camped up, oven on roasting chicken dinner, camping chairs out and beer out of fridge. Weather roasting, right at bottom of Glen Nevis, so scenery mental too. Actual pitch minute, but next door neighbours not arrived πŸ™‚

Oh no neighbours arrived late, with a bouncy spaniel, thankfully girls are with granny and grandad, or they would have spent the weekend bouncing off the window!

Sat am, up later than expected and prep for day up hill in the sun took way longer than we would normally do for the rain! Lots and lots of layers of sun cream and smidge! 2 mile walk back into fort William, Mr As thighs already causing problems, Miss A fancying conquering Ben Nevis, I bet that doesn’t continue if we actually come back to walk it!!!

As expected arrived in FW and could see our bus leaving in the distance πŸ™ lot of the day wasted walking into town to find toilets and wait for bus. Would have been quicker if bus driver wasn’t parked beside us eating his lunch.

Finally arrived at Nevis range about 1.30, amazed by amount of people, very busy! Headed straight for gondola, and were lucky not to have to queue for long. Ended up on a gondola with 2 riders, one girl away to do run and a ginger nut eating Australian just putting off time before his ride later.

Ride up similar to Austria, where tracks go underneath you,so was good to get a view of some of the course. Pretty short ride up, and top has cafe, lots of lots of bods drinking lots and lots of beer. Luckily weather was still roasting, so stroppy top and shorts, were still ok πŸ™‚

Timing meant we had time for lunch, and a seat before starting the walk down, to see the biking as we walked down. Could see the red track going round the hill, looks amazing, must go back and ride that πŸ™‚

Ground was steep, peaty and wet, so lots of people sliding all over the place on the way down, especially the muppets wearing stupid shoes, and that’s not just the kids! Walking down the course was really interesting, the pictcures from the telly don’t do it any justice, either the steepness, the rock or just how hard it it. Lots and lots of photos taken, some really pretty good ones, and we have all vowed never to try and ride that course!

What was mental coming down beyond the riding was the number of crashes, and flats, must be a complete nightmare to travel that distance, and to not make the time because of a flat.

Biking down would be hard, but walking down was hard too. We followed some of the normal down hill course and must have looked like idiots too, hanging onto trees and anything else that you could, to even walk down.

Half way down and a stop for a burger, could have been old boot at that point, we were pretty much all starving! Still making our way down,you could tell you we’re getting closer to the bottom as you could hear the tannoy, between that and hearing the whistle indicating that a rider was just passing. Bummer the amount of people who had got there earlier, and managed to pick up all the freebies, we were so late, we didn’t get any πŸ™ although one person was walking around with a frame, seemed a but strange!

Icecream at bottom and quick look round stalls, but was going to be a couple of hours before 4x started, we were all knack from heat, so took bus back to morrisons, to get tea and taxi back to campsite. Back on chairs with beer!!!!

Miss A just about broke neck trying out handstands, she would probably be the only person lying outside on chillow! Rest of night was pretty much us all collapsed, before aches and pains started for us to actually remember how hard it is on your body walking down hill.

Good weekend, good weather, body dead, lot of sleep to recover…



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