My first swim

Well seeing as we are at Loch Lomond  we brought the blow up canoes for their first try on the water. I wasn’t too keen being in with daddy so decided to jump across to the other boat. Bit of a mistake there. I didn’t know that water could be that deep! Thankfully i felt a hand grab my jacket and heave me back in. But I thought I would check again a little later.  Nope, still deep! But it worked. They put me in the other boat with everyone else. See ya dad!

On the way back my sister went in with dad! Silly girl. So she jumped overboard too. But she made a break for it instead. She can swim too. But after a while of getting nowhere fast dad hauled her in too.

Thankfully its lovely now so I`m lying in the sun drying. Bliss!

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