Onwards and northwards

Eriskay is not at all big and we are pretty quickly across it. The village at the top of the road looks like a lovely place and seems to be bustling with something going on. But our next stop has been picked out as South Uist. At least getting from one island to the next only involves a causeway and not a ferry. The first of a few over the next couple of days. Enjoyable driving in the lovely weather. Probably less so in the wind and rain.

We decided rather than head turn north we would head south a find a beach for a walk. As it turned out we found some parking outside the Polochar Inn. And a lovely beach to walk on. Cue the gratuitous beach photos!



So after a bit of a walk we decided to eat at the Inn itself. Can’t say enough good things about it. Food good, beer good, service good. Well worth the trip off the beaten track and more so the stumble off it in our case. I’ve also a feeling there’s a good wild camping spot a few hundred metres along the road. Why do I think this? Someone was parked in it 😉

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