Glen Coe 007

Up at Glencoe today to see the 007 exhibition. Weather at home really pretty horrible, and leaving later than hoped, but on the travel west the weather improved. Scenery absolutely gorgeous. Lots and lots of people over that direction, with the Caledonian Challenge, hundreds of walkers, tourists [...]

Mountain bike downhill – Fort William

Roasting toasting and not typical scottish weather 🙂 Finished work at 4 on Friday, walk along the Dundee waterfront, to meet Mr A and Miss A. Camping at Glen Nevis, Fort William, ETA around 8, and apart from a stinky stuck in traffic moment at Broxden where we lost 30 mins, journey was ok. If the [...]

Shaolin Warriors

Booked this a while back and to be honest without too much research into what I was booking! Spent the trip down to Glenrothes trying to guess both what the show would be about and what the likely clientele of such a show would be…. Forgot parking at Rothes Halls is a disaster, so one trip round [...]

Secret Location

Today MrA took me on a secret tour, so I didn’t know where I was going, although with the maps and notes he didn’t look like he knew where we were going either!!!! The weather was roasting, the roads were not bad, across the forth road bridge, off at Ratho made macs a fair bet, but passed there [...]

Titan Crane

See if you can spot the theme… I booked this for us on groupon, look a cheap offer, it looks like fun, click buy, book forget about it. Get closer to the time, panic, freak out, curl up in a bll, omg what have I booked us up for!!! We arrived in Glasgow on one of the wettest windiest days [...]

Melrose 7s

Having just come back from hols, it was a really short week at work, before getting off again to Melrose for the 7s. Going down on the Friday, as expected it was busy, all the hospitality tents and stands were going up. Booked into site, we got the choice of 1 of 2 last pitches. The site staff were [...]

Thorpe Park :D

Yesterday we went to Thorpe Park! It was awesome! I went on loads of rides! I went on the detonator, a huge tower which you get lifted up in and dropped, i went by myself because Mrs A doesn’t like heights and Mr A doesn’t like wind in his face! I also went on 3/4 water rides which were good, i [...]

Thaw-pe Park

Today’s outing wasn’t too far from the site. Thorpe Park. Not really my thing but the girls like theme parks. Extra thermals and full waterproofs were needed as it was perishing. In fact it even snowed for a chunk. That meant 3 of the rides were off but the place still seemed fairly busy to me. [...]

Lego Land Bricks

Bricks rather than rocks, Not funny if you have to explain it?! I’ve always wanted to go to Legoland, ever since I was a kid, so actually getting to go, could have went one of 2 ways, either shattered childhood dreams or been brilliant. Thankfully it was brilliant. We all got way too excited [...]


Yesterday we went to Longleat, the UK’s number 1 safari park! It was AMAZING!?! I got to… – hold a snake! – feed lorikeets! – walk with lemurs! – go on a safari bus! – go past Postman Pat Village! I was a little bit scared going to hold the snake but when i finally got to the feont of the queue, i [...]
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