Plans? What plans?

Well the idea of this trip was to travel around the north a bit. We had one or two paces we thought about going to but no firm plans. Which is just as well. Let me explain.

After tackling Berriedale Braes (a bit of a serious drop down and climb back up – with gravel trap run off areas!!) we went to the Hill o’ Many Stanes. Let me sum it up for you. It’s a hill….covered in heather….and some small stones in a pattern you can’t really make out from the vantage point you get.

Further on through Wick, where I thought we might stop. Well we did….. in Tesco at the edge of town…for fuel. And it goes to show not all Tescos look the same. It was what you might actually call pretty from the outside. Well might if that’s what you like :-s.

Further on and before you know it it’s John O’Groats. Not a huge amount there really. A campsite on the cliffs which could be nice, a handful of shops/eateries and some ice cream. Well it had to be done. They are also building some “retreat” lodges that look out to sea which look quite nice. And there looks like a central building of some sort going up with it. Hard to tell though.

And what else do you see up here? Motorhomes….with bikes outside them. Yup, it’s the support vehicles for those starting the John O’Groats to Lands End ride. Mad people!

OK here’s where things started to go a bit awry. We headed west along the coast and made a stop (I’ll come back to this in a minute) before we then went on to Dunnet Head – the northernmost part of mainland Britain.

The view from Dunnet head facing west

The view from Dunnet head facing west

Right. Here comes the bit where we made a little visit on the way here though. Passing the top of the road at Gill’s Bay we see the ferry to Orkney. Letting fate decide if we catch it we head down and see if we can get on. No problem. So Orkney bound we are right now. Of course we had to reverse on! With the warning buzzer for the step going in my ear as the step refuses to go back in right now. That was a panic in itself. But we are on. And moving. And I can see mist over that way. Damn!

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