Round and round and round it goes….

Onwards and round. Supposed to be stopping tonight at Staffin but we are thinking to pushing on a bit. The scenery is fantastic at the north end – well from previous visits it is everywhere here.

Who would live in a house like this?

“Who would live in a house like this?” Me Lloyd. Can you imagine the views?!

Don't look too hard

Don’t get too distracted. Part of this is still moving and the road below it needs repaired every year.

It’s stunning for sure. And the road is, erm… interesting. It’s very changeable for sure. Passing the Old Man of Storr we had hoped to stop but the road and parking was awash with abandoned cars.

A visit last year told us to get into Sligachan (pronounced Sleekan for those foreigners among us 😉 ) camp site. No booking so get here as soon as you can. Its just across the main road from the Sligachan Inn. Too many whiskies to mention here 🙂 As in around 300. Food’s not bad either. Couple of words of warning though. There are hard standing areas and grassed areas – and its all fair game. We left the van for a little walk and came back to find 4 Belgian vans parked in a space you wouldn’t usually put 1 in! And secondly, and this is well documented, the midgies here are voracious. Worse than anywhere else on the planet I’m sure. Sometimes you might be glad of the wind that comes down here – although it can start blowing things away. Just little things. You know, like tents. And caravans! I kid you not! It happened only a couple of weeks ago apparently.

Actually two more things. The main road is that. And its wide and open and the cars on it move very very fast. And the last thing. Don’t just look at your feet as you are racing from the midgies – look up. You might just realise you are in one of the best sites in the country for scenery.

Sligachan camp site


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