Secret Location


Today MrA took me on a secret tour, so I didn’t know where I was going, although with the maps and notes he didn’t look like he knew where we were going either!!!!

The weather was roasting, the roads were not bad, across the forth road bridge, off at Ratho made macs a fair bet, but passed there and passed the climbing centre, and onto Jupiter Art.

Even going up the drive gives you a taste of what is going on, huge mounds of grass like outside Edinburgh Contemporary Art, and then a big horrible contemporary art monstrosity.


Trying to park in the one car park, which is a complete free for all in a field no bigger than most gardens wasn’t a good start, nobody was actually telling people where to park, so some were even 3 deep, and there was no overflow car park. Not a good start, made worse with no signs to tell you where to go. Really taking the secret to the extreme! Even when you get to the buildings, it’s unclear where the start is, it’s a quaint little court yard and all very nice looking, but grrr from the new visitor… I could go on, but won’t…

Packed off with our wee map, into the forest, the arty bits start straight away, with colours peeling off the back wall of the shop, weird. You then follow a path through the woods, to various weird and wonderful art creations in the wood. We were lucky as it was a lovely day, therefore a pleasant walk. The downside was that there were lots of other people doing the same thing, therefore it was a case of trying to get to the next piece after the people in front had just left and before the troop behind with kids in buggies would get there and start hanging off everything.

That said we were there around 3 hours, and it was really good, towards the end you tend to get a wee bit more space, so it’s not so bunched up, there is a lot to see, and I would imagine pending everyone’s own taste what everyone likes the most will vary.

Best bit, probably the grass mounds
Worst bit, that horrible orchid
Weirdest bit, the 10 interlinked gallows that we were all sitting on.

Definately worth the trip, try to avoid the arty couple in front, who are over analysing each blade of grass, and the brood of 10 kids, who probably wanted to go to the local play park, be there early to park, and it’ll be fine!!!

We left the starving and went down into Ratho and went to the pub on the water, food was really good, unfortunately there were no seats outside, but if there had been we probably wouldn’t have left! Home and sleepies 🙂

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