The reason for the need to get as far south as possible last night was this morning’s early start at Tatton Park. And the reason? A session on a Segway. For those that don’t know what a Segway is it’s a two wheeled powered transport type thing where you control the movement of it with your weight. And its remarkably easy to get the hang of to be honest. In no time we were in the forest zipping around through the trees.

And then there was….the incident! Not exactly sure what happened but me and Mrs A had a bit of a coming together resulting in me being jettisoned about 10 metres through the air and landing solidly on my back. In front of six of the people about to go out after us – after brushing myself off and getting back on I pointed out to them that I had just given them a very practical lesson! A bit tender, but still intact, we spent an hour or so at the park just sitting out in the scorching sun. Ridiculously hot!!!

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