Shaolin Warriors

Booked this a while back and to be honest without too much research into what I was booking!

Spent the trip down to Glenrothes trying to guess both what the show would be about and what the likely clientele of such a show would be….

Forgot parking at Rothes Halls is a disaster, so one trip round the car park later meant that we were parked further away than hoped, late to seats, but just on time for start of show.

Show started slowly, and Tk be honest didn’t look like we would stay for the first half let alone the full show, lots of fake fighting and jumping around, bowing a lot at each other!

However, it did get better, and if you got beyond the surreality of it all, it was really good. Some really mental shows of strength, a two fingered handstand, yes that’s a handstand using only 2 fingers. Lots of breaking hard things on your head, and holding your body up over really sharp points.

This probably totally under sells the show, but yeah would recommend it!!!

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