Slow boat to…..

Well an early start today as we headed to Oban to catch the ferry out again. This time headed about as far as we could, all the way to Barra. Sadly the weather didn’t hold, which was a real shame. I can imagine this journey is spectacular in the sunshine. There was a couple on the boat who actually do the trip once a year. And by the trip I mean all the way and back in one day. Which might not seem like much but it was an 8 hour ferry out (less back as it doesn’t make its summer stops).

The boat goes out a different way to the way we came in but the murk meant we didn’t see a huge amount :(. Certainly hoping to do this again though. Considering how far out you end up most of the trip isn’t that far from land. Out the bay, up past Kerrera and Lismore, up between Mull and Sunart, before heading round to Coll. Along to Tiree then back between the two for the most exposed last chunk over to Barra itself.

The first stop was Coll, and the boat emptied a lot after this. It had been packed until then.

Approaching Coll

Approaching Coll

And then on to Tiree, one of the most famous surfing spots in the UK. And I don’t care what anyone says, Gulf Stream or not that water is cold!!

In the deep water water we spotted the odd bit of wildlife, including these chaps.

Some company

Some company on the last leg of the journey

In fact not so long afterwards there was an almighty thud as the boat hit something. Something large. NO idea what it was though.

I suspect the approach to Castlebay on Barra is a sight to see on a good day with Kisimul Castle standing in the bay. But sadly the weather was against us today.


Castlebay. Wonder how it got its name? :-s

A short hop on the island’s roads, well technically only one road and we were at our stop for the night. Not really any campsites up here. Most stops used to be wild camping but a lot of its been fenced off now due to the damage. But a lot of the crofts allow a few to stay. The one we were at had some good laundry facilities so time to catch up on some washing.

The chap was very laid back, “Och I’ll get you later”, and as I write this before bed he still hasn’t got us. Unlike the sheep, that wander round anywhere they like. And there seems to be 3 sheepdogs, 1 of which has taken a serious interest in our two.

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