Stornoway…on a Sunday

I’ll just give you one word to finish the title description. SHUT! I knew that would be the case but I didn’t really think how completely shut it would be. Everything. Even the first Tesco I’d seen since Oban!

So time to park up and go for a walk. This time around the Lews Castle gardens. Which is a college now. Some campus!! Perched right on the harbour with a load of woodlands surrounding it. Enough to get lost in as it turns out! And for a certain pup to try and disappear into the mud in. And by disappear I mean right up to her neck. And by mud I mean, thick, gloopy, black, sucks you in if you move type of mud. But LMA to the rescue who just jumped in and grabbed the dog.

Pup E

This was after she had shaken off the worst of it. Silly Pup E

Varied scenery again though – along the edge of the harbour, up some streams, deep into the woodland. Sculptures everywhere as well.

With Stornoway closed for business we set off to the Butt of Lewis instead. A bit of a hike but we decided the most northerly point of the island was a good place to visit.

There’s a lighthouse up there, unsurprisingly, with a fairly large set of outbuildings. Sadly you can’t get in though. There is a real feeling of being at the end of the earth here. Its probably a pretty good place to park for the night as well – if you can stand the wind!

Butt of Lewis

Plenty of level parking, just be careful getting on to it

The the Calanais Standing Stones as we worked our way round during the day. As it was getting a bit late in the day the visitor centre was shut but the Stones are always open ;). 5,000 year old. And surviving that length of time up here is a feat in itself!!

Laid out in a kind of church shape with an altar. IN fact someone had left something a bit like an ornate bird’s nest under the centre stone.

Last part of the day was, erm, interesting. We had booked on a site at Stornoway itself but had been told about a great spot nearer where we needed to be in the morning, Miaviag Harbour at Uig on Lewis. There was a circular road just round the corner from it and we were told on the coast at a place called reef there is a nice beach to park on. Well we chose one direction and headed off round it. It started off quite narrow. Then turned into ridiculously narrow. And finally this is bloody ridiculously narrow. Which was bad enough but then it turned in to up and down, round a tight bend with large cliffs on either side! Not relaxing drive to finish the day. The spot we were told about was full but we found another spot that did the job just nicely. Different beach, same idea. Very windy though.

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