Thorpe Park :D

Yesterday we went to Thorpe Park! It was awesome! I went on loads of rides! I went on the detonator, a huge tower which you get lifted up in and dropped, i went by myself because Mrs A doesn’t like heights and Mr A doesn’t like wind in his face!

I also went on 3/4 water rides which were good, i didn’t go on the last one ‘Tidal Wave’ because noone else wanted to go on it but when we go back we will probably do it :)!

We went on ‘X :/ no way out’ which is a secret ride which builds up the tension, but it is great (although it makes your head a wee bit sore)!

Me and Mrs A went on Nemesis Inferno which was a huge roller coaster that spins upside down, around, swings, does loop-the-loops! It looks really scary but it isn’t that bad! 😉

We had a brilliant time at Thorpe Park, i would recommend it to anyone! 😀


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