Titan Crane

See if you can spot the theme…

I booked this for us on groupon, look a cheap offer, it looks like fun, click buy, book forget about it.
Get closer to the time, panic, freak out, curl up in a bll, omg what have I booked us up for!!!


We arrived in Glasgow on one of the wettest windiest days imaginable, even still there were buds Bungy jumping off the end of the crane, thankfully not us though! A quick bus round the site dropped us at the crane site, for a chat on the history etc. then up an elevator, with glass panels (yippee, not) and out onto the top of the crane, with mesh to stand on, (even more yippee) well maybe if my legs had moved.

We all got thoroughly soaked, and just to make it worse the weather turned nice just as we were leaving!!


Overall, quite interesting, probably happy to have got it cheap, as the bungee jumpers and their families did spoil the experience. They walked in front of the video at the top of the crane and had taken over the visitor cafe, so no wouldn’t rush back, which is a shame.


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