Trier – first venture into town

It was a weird feeling this morning, one of those where you arrive on holiday in the dark and haven’t really got a sense for where you are. So when you leave home, you are not really sure whether to turn left or right

We took the gauge from everyone else, and took our bikes, girls in trailer, and aimed back along the Mosel river to where we had come from in the van. This was our first venture into real Germany, and MissA quickly woosed being at the front and decided the middle position would be safer, with anyone less likely to speak to her!

Still like kids, we got our first few Dankes out of the way, got really confused with crossing the road (which way are the cars coming?), and working out whether bikes were allowed or not. Got them all tied up, including the trailer (no mean feat!) and the 5 of us started the walk following (centrum) signs..

Weather at best was overcast but still warm, everyone else in jeans and jackets, but me in shorts and strappy top. Unfortunately we didn’t get far, as after the initial sniffing, P although fast on 3 legs,was straining with her sore one again. Although we had buggy for back of bike,we hadn’t brought the walk attachment.

Change of plan, back to bikes, doggies in buggy and out further along Mosel aiming out of town on the other side, path went from really quite pleasant to very bumpy with trailer bouncing everywhere! Aamazing how many shops we could recognise. MacDonalds with McFit next door!, Burger King, Lidl, and the list goes on. We all forgot to set mile register, to see how far we did, but we turned back when bike path hit road, and chased a massive boat back along the river, home for lunch and a wee rest!!

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