Trier – venture 2 into town

Girls safely tucked up resting, plan now was to nip to supermarket, and the into town. A quick look at the map on the information shed, gave us our bearings, and this happened….

This was the funniest thing I have ever seen, maybe you had to be there or maybe it’s just as you were not expecting it, but I was actually rolling about the ground laughing…

Realised quickly that the shop I had thought was next to our local Macs (there are 3 in trier), was fictional, meant a change in plan, walk into town, towards anything we saw.. (Note of information for anyone else in Trier, take your bike, it’s uber bike friendly, quiet and organised with bike parking, we walked 7.5 miles this afternoon, and even in the cool heat, were tired when we got back home again)..

Trier I found out from the English guidebook I read from cover to cover later, has 92 churches,is the oldest town in Germany, was where the Roman emporers had their biggest thermal baths out of Rome, and although in the suburbs, is like a spooky video game where there are no people but the shop doors are open,by the time you find the centre, is hoaching!!

Even weirder snaps for shops in town, h&m, c&a.. We looked at the thermal baths, but didn’t go in as the time was getting on a bit, and you could pretty much see them from the outside, we walked down through the palace gardens, bought our first water(miss a on her own next time!), past the Cathedral and found Porta Negra, which MrA wanted to visit. Roman gate into the city, it gave really good view on city square, health and city isn’t the same as uk, but that could be just me, but if you step on a wooden board and the display sitting on it, moves towards you, that’s not good is it!

Headed back through town, with a stop in the dept store for coffee and cake, we had reliably been informed by our german tutor that food was reasonable and cheaper than town. Weirdest thing ever, was the lederhosen department, seriously?? 

Back into town to look for Roman bridge, which the Americans took in the war so quickly, it never actually got bombed! Realised we still needed to find food, so wee detour, and found supermarket, (and massive supercool bike shop, but didn’t go in), through the wine aisle,and randomly oohing and aaaing at lots of weird stuff, managed to find chicken and what we think is minced beef, time will tell! Through the sweetly aisle (qtr of the shop!), into beer (another qtr of shop), split shopping between the 3 of us and back home for tea 🙂 And to check on girls. P feeling a bit dopey and C sitting outside with her dad whilst tea was getting made.

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