What a difference a night makes

The view last night was all wind and rain. but we woke up to this today.

The morning view

What a view to wake to

But disaster struck this morning. We were due to go on a boat trip this morning. Spent lots of time getting parked up nearby, getting ready and the like. And turned up to be told we weren’t on the list despite the fact we had an email to say otherwise. “Can you come back tomorrow?” Errr …NO!

So another change in plan. We had a ferry from Tarbert to Uig (on Skye this time) booked for tomorrow. But we decided to spare the day and use it elsewhere. A call to CalMac and basically it was a case of turn up, there might be space, no charge to change your booking. So there was quite a bit f hanging around in Tarbert. A strange place, where a flock of sheep roam free around the town.

It was a nervous long wait to see if they would get us on. But words last week of “move up – we are getting everyone on” rung true again. On with 3 feet to spare. I have to say these guys are amazing at what they do.

Pup A the intellectual

This is what happens if you leave Pup A alone on a crossing. She wouldn't say if she enjoyed the book

Time to start singing….Speed bonnie boat… Who threw that??

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