Where in the world??

Well we finally got packed and left at 8pm. But while everyone else was going Perth and left to T in the Park, we went right and north. Quiet quiet roads. Pretty good weather until 12 miles from Inverness when it became a bit of a pea souper as we would say. Was fine by the time we reached town though.

Didn’t need full beam until just before midnight when it finally got dark. I love the summer up here! The hunt for somewhere to stay started around about then too.. Found a great car park at the beach at Dornoch (nice looking place by the way) but no overnight parking allowed. Up some single track roads and then a forest park. Same again. Was almost giving up hope when Mrs A saw a sign for parking. Quick reverse on the main road. And we’re set for the night. Where? All I can tell you is the sign says Loch Fleet Nature Reserve. I’ll be able to see in the morning. Right now, tea and bed!

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